Your Instant Replay Device

Setting Up

This device allows customers to watch their video instantly after their experience, before the video has even uploaded to the internet. It does this by streaming the video from the Viewpoint Cube over your local network.

Please watch the video to see how to set it up or follow the steps below:

  • Connect an ethernet cable from the minicomputer to an internet port
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the minicomputer
  • Connect the 2 USB cables from the instant replay board to the mini computer
  • Connect the power cable to the mini computer (you can hide the minicomputer device and cabling behind the screen)


‚ÄčThe instant replay device allows the customer to view the video as soon as the video has copied from the camera to the Viewpoint server box. Videos copy at a rate of 1 minute of video every second, so if the video is an hour long, it may take a minute before the receipt can be scanned on the instant replay device to play the video. For this reason, it is best to place the device in a different part of your facility than the Viewpoint box. The box is normally placed at the location where the experience finishes, and the instant replay device is normally placed in the bar / spectator area or other part of the facility where customers can share the experience and also buy food and drink while there.

Online Screensaver

You can change the screensaver to any image or video you like. We recommend a background video of people doing your experience, with a text overlay inviting customers to use the device to play their media. Please send the files to and the name of your location for us to set this up for you. You can also change the time-out duration (the amount of time of inactivity before the video changes back from playing a video to the screensaver).

Online vs Offline Screensaver

There are 2 screensaver files/images. The offline screensaver is the one that plays when the device is not connected to the box on the network, and the online one plays when it is connected. By default, the videos provided show the word ‘online’ and ‘offline’ in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The purpose of having the two screensavers is to show you whether the device has successfully connected to the box. It also allows for greater versatility, as some clients like to have another device without the board, which they can connect to a screen at their point of sale area, in offline mode, to play a promotional video on loop.

Automatically play the most recent video

We also offer a mode to play the most recent video automatically, which is useful for experiences where one video is recorded at a time, and you can place the screen at the exit of the experience.