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Teamsport is a leading indoor go-karting company in the UK, offering exciting racing experiences for individuals and groups.

Teamsport and Viewpoint have had a longstanding relationship of over 8 years and they’ve seen almost every iteration of our experience video system over the years. The karting customer videos have expanded their social media presence and provided a consistent additional revenue for almost a decade!

“Roll out of Viewpoint’s camera service has exceeded our expectations. It generates additional revenue at our tracks, and shares on social media attract more customers for us.”

- Dominic Gaynor, Chief Executive Officer, TeamSport Indoor Go Karting, UK


  • Star 1

    36 video systems

  • Star 1

    Use customer footage for social media campaigns

  • Star 1

    Hook and loop helmet patches

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    Used in every centre in the UK

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    Pre-sale system, sold online and at the check-in desk

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    Use packages to sell headcams

Karting Experience


Karting tracks offering headcams allow guests to relive their race at home and with their friends and family. It also lets keen racers looking to improve the opportunity to review their race!

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In 2022, Teamsport recorded over 68,000 videos across 35 sites with an average of 1900 videos at each location. The video system has allowed them to gain an additional six figure secondary income each year.

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