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The Video System


Our all-in-one video system has been designed with simplicity in mind!

Each system typically holds 16x lightweight, waterproof cameras, a receipt printer and all the components that make offering souvenir videos so easy.

Our video system is dispatched fully assembled so all you need to do is plug in the power and ethernet cables when it arrives and you’re ready to go!




Decide where to place the Cube. This is ideally near the disembark point. If it needs to be outside please see FAQ’s below.



Simply plug in the power and network cables. The system will only take a maximum of 5 minutes to fully boot up.

Position And Play

Position & Play

Position the camera mounts by pressing firmly and wiggling the camera onto the mount pad. Start offering videos straight away.

“What we do like about Viewpoint first of all is the quality of the offer, and actually how small the actual product is. Obviously the flexibility and the commerciality of it too. [...] Installation of the product was a joy to use, we were actually fixing onto a new product within an hour, so that was seamless from our point of view.”

- Sean Taylor, Founder and President of Zip World Group
Viewpoint Camera With Red Light


Our cameras only have one button to make offering videos as easy as possible. Simply turn it on when the customer is ready to go, and turn it off when you dock the camera after the experience.

Viewpoint Cube Receipt Printing


Once docked, each video produces its own unique QR coded receipt which can be handed straight to the customer after their experience!

Phone Receipt Scan Video


Each receipt links to a dedicated landing page which features;

  • Your logo
  • Your background image
  • Your call-to-actions
  • Sharing links

Increase your digital presence and the number of new and repeat bookings.


Hook And Loop Mounts

Hook & Loop Patches

Mount cameras instantly onto any surface with our heavy duty hook and loop patches.

Standard Mounts

Standard Mounts

Including but not limited to;

Short and long helmet arms, selfie sticks, wrist mounts and strap clips.

Dedicated Mounts

Dedicated Mounts

Working with manufacturers like Wiegand, who designed and manufactured the mount arms for their alpine coaster.

  • Star 1

    Easy to Use

  • Star 1

    HD Souvenir Videos (1080p)

  • Star 1

    Unique QR Code Receipts

  • Star 1

    Waterproof Cameras

  • Star 1

    Dedicated Video Control Panel

  • Star 1

    Rapid Video Processing

  • Star 1

    Links to a Branded Landing Page

  • Star 1

    Branding on Videos & Receipts


Yes, the video system will need to be completely under cover and in the shade, away from the elements. It needs to be in a secure unit that can be locked when not in use and overnight.

No, you will only need a video system at the beginning or the end of the experience. We typically advise that the systems are located at the end of the experience for easy docking post-experience. If there is some distance between the start and end of your activity, cameras can be carried between sites in a specially designed carry case.

Yes, they are fully submersible down to 15 metres.

The receipts print within seconds. The receipt prints whilst the video is processing so that your customer can walk away with their unique QR code.

The video transfer speed is approx. 1 min of video per second. For example, a 15 min video will copy across in 15 secs. The time it takes to upload a video is dependent on the upload speed at your facility. We have a clever compression algorithm which allows us to upload faster without loss of quality. Please bear in mind that this is also dependent on the internet speeds at your site.

Up to 4 hours. The battery charges at the same rate. As all the cameras are docked at the end of every session, there is ample time for charging throughout the day.

The videos are stored on the cloud for 30 days. Customers can download the videos within that time and keep them forever on their devices or upload to other platforms.

Yes in your control panel. You can view all of the videos, download copies, and even disable videos at any time.