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During your initial call with the team, we will help you through the decision process and make recommendations based on our previous experience. Alternatively, we can even make a new mount to suit your needs if required.

Our latest camera models are fully waterproof and can be fully submerged. Previous models are ran

If you have an experience that offers multiple rides or different sections, the cameras can be set up to ‘stop, start’ and

Yes, they are fully submersible down to 5 metres.

The receipts print within seconds. The receipt prints whilst the video is processing so that your customer can walk away with their unique QR code.

The video transfer speed is approx. 1 min of video per second. For example, a 15 min video will copy across in 15 secs. The time it takes to upload a video is dependent on the upload speed at your facility. We have a clever compression algorithm which allows us to upload faster without loss of quality. Please bear in mind that this is also dependent on the internet speeds at your site.

No, you will only need a video system at the beginning or the end of the experience. We typically advise that the systems are located at the end of the experience for easy docking post-experience. If there is some distance between the start and end of your activity, cameras can be carried between sites in a specially designed carry case.

We recommend the cameras stay in the cube docking system when not in use, this ensures they are fully charged and allows you to easily keep track of them.

As a part of your contract you receive a warranty. Please get in touch if any equipment becomes damaged or broken.

Log into your control panel which provides you with all the stats. If you have any queries as to how to login to your account, email support@viewpointvideos.com.

For any additional requirements, please get in touch with your account manager or email sales@viewpointvideos.com.

If any non-experience footage has been accidentally uploaded, your team can remove it through the control panel. The printed receipt can also be thrown away, if it’s not handed to a customer the footage won’t be seen.

Check the soft loop pads on the equipment regularly. We expect that this will need replacing after approx. 500 uses. We can provide replacements.

The videos are stored on the cloud for 30 days. Customers can download the videos within that time and keep them forever on their devices or upload to other platforms.

Yes in your control panel. You can view all of the videos, download copies, and even disable videos at any time.

The customer will have the chance to enter their email address to be notified as soon as the video has finished uploading, so they don’t have to keep checking the link.

The cameras record in 1080p full HD.

In Use:

  • Starting up (flashing red)
  • Recording (solid red)
  • Low battery (flash yellow w/solid red)
  • Off (no light)

In the Dock:

  • Transferring (flashing orange)
  • You can unplug/undock the camera anytime it is not flashing fast.


Up to 2.5 hours. The battery charges at the same rate. As all the cameras are docked at the end of every session, there is ample time for charging throughout the day.

If you have any questions on how to set up the mounts to capture the best possible video, please contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp.

Yes, if you have any queries please email support@viewpointvideos.com.