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Viewpoint Videos Refreshes Zip World’s Video Offering

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Viewpoint Videos’ dynamic video system offered Zip World an innovative solution for capturing their visitor experiences. Zip World’s focus on delivering unforgettable experiences that inspire and excite, shows their dedication to providing customers with the best in adventure tourism. The Viewpoint video system and purpose-built wearable cameras has allowed them to uphold this message by effortlessly integrating guest videos across ten of their high-octane rides

“What we do like about Viewpoint first of all is the quality of the offer, and actually how small the actual product is. Obviously the flexibility and the commerciality of it too. [...] Installation of the product was a joy to use, we were actually fixing onto a new product within an hour, so that was seamless from our point of view.”

- Sean Taylor, Founder and President of Zip World Group
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The installation at Zip World featured almost 1000 cameras, over 20 video systems and 4 different mount styles, making it the most diverse site in Viewpoint’s portfolio. With the simple ‘plug and play’ feature, the systems were ready at each site within minutes whilst cameras and mounts were fixed as guests came on/off experiences.

It’s been seamless moving from one video provider to Viewpoint, we haven’t lost any days of customer experiences from a video revenue perspective and the team have really bought into it.”

- Mark Pennington, Group Commercial Business Manager of Zip World Group
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Viewpoint’s automated system ensures a smooth and efficient workflow for both guests and staff. The seamless transfer of footage and the unique QR code receipts simplify the process, enabling staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service and enhancing the visitor experience.

“It doesn’t require any additional staff because it’s such a simple product. The customers love their videos, for how fast they receive the footage. You receive it in seconds, because once you dock the camera, it spits out a receipt for you and it’s ready to watch!”

- Jess Hughes, Adventure Team Leader at Fforest Coaster, Zip World, UK
Velocity Headcam Zipline Video System

With the ability to instantly share videos online, guests can effortlessly showcase their moments with friends, family, and social media followers. This not only enhances the guest’s experience but also serves as organic promotion for Zip World, attracting new visitors who are inspired by the shared experience.

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Within the first month of implementation, Zip World recorded over 37,000 videos with an average conversion rate of 38% across all ten activities. “Commercially, we are up 20-30% from what we were doing with our previous video provider,” states Taylor. “The proof is in the pudding really!”

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Viewpoint Videos Ltd’s has successfully enhanced the visitor experience at Zip World, aligning perfectly with the company’s commitment to providing unforgettable adventures. The wearable cameras and automated transfer process allows guests to capture and share their moments effortlessly.

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The successful implementation of the video system has resulted in increased customer satisfaction, expanded online reach with user-generated content, and provided a fruitful secondary revenue stream. Zip World’s partnership with Viewpoint Videos Ltd exemplifies the power of innovative solutions in the adventure tourism industry.

Watch our case study video to see what else Zip World had to say about their recent introduction of the Viewpoint Video System.

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